Tips to Combat Holiday Stress


It is pretty much a given that as the winter holidays approach we are going to find ourselves thinking about hosting family events and buying gifts.  It is common and expected that many people will experience some level of anxiety and stress.


Here are some tips to reduce the stress and concerns you have at the holidays.

  • Moderation. Don’t overuse alcohol or food as an outlet.
  • Be reasonable. Take the pressure off yourself and set realistic expectations for an event you are hosting or what you will purchase.  Enlist extra help and plan early.
  • Say no to some events. Prioritize and attend a few really important events.  Sometimes it means letting go of some traditions that create stress for everyone.
  • Preparation. Set aside a small amount of money throughout the year to use for gifts.  Start planning your family event well in advance.
  • Keep an open mind. Being accepting of family members and friends as they are.  It is one night or one event and putting aside grievances can ease the stress.
  • Seek support. If you are feeling a loss it is ok to express your feelings. Grief is an important step and finding a special person or group to talk about things to is healthy.
  • Set a budget. Stick to a budget you can afford.  Homemade gifts are a great idea and can be very personal.


Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself feeling extremely sad or anxious that may cause sleep issues, irritability or hopelessness.  If these feelings continue, talk to your doctor.


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