Physician Directed Weight Loss with BestCare Now

BestCare Now offers more than just urgent care! We are a one-stop shop for many other medically related needs from physicals to weight loss to health memberships to urgent care. It doesn’t matter your age, we can treat your symptoms by offering solutions so you can get better quickly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

BestCare Now has a seasoned team ofFit Woman Running On Treadmill In Gym experienced caregivers that are board-certified and trained to deliver the BEST care to you when you need it most. Most of our patients are in and out of our centers in 45 minutes or less and with the right medication and a good treatment plan we help you get on your way.

Take Control of Your Weight Loss with BestCare Now

When it comes to weight loss programs there is no magic answer. Here at BestCare Now we understand this and that each individual has different needs. Each individual will have different motivations, medical history, physical condition and lifestyle. Whether it is a few pounds you are losing or more. BestCare Now offers personalized weight loss programs under the supervision of a clinician that will get you achieve your goals.

So you are probably asking yourself how does this really work? The best approach to losing weight is to do so in an efficient, safe way while using smart strategies to maintain your new weight.

At BestCare we offer a weight loss solution called BestYou.  When you arrive for your appointment you can expect:

  • A consultation with a board-certified physician to discuss your lifestyle, health, concerns and your goals
  • Diagnostic tests like a body composition analysis (BCA)

Armed with this information, together you will agree on a weight loss plan designed just for you that is achievable. These plans include a combination of exercise, diet and prescription medications.

In the beginning the emphasis will be on the healthy low fat diet prescribed by your physician and exercise. Once you achieve your desired weight we track your progress and will help you incorporate back in some of the foods you love with moderation. This is often where people start to fall down. At BestCare Now you will have the support and guidance to make the adjustments needed to truly maintain your weight for years to come.

So how will you benefit from your new plan? BestCare provides you with the following:

  • A safe and proven comprehensive dieting strategy
  • The support and guidance of a board-certified physician
  • Improve the chances you will achieve your goals
  • Become a healthier you!

Some insurances may cover initial visits but don’t worry we have self-pay packages that are affordable and will not hold you back from reaching your goals.

It is never too late to get started and get the results you have always dreamed about.
Call one of our local centers today to learn more and get started.