Seasonal Care with BestCare Now

With the changing seasons come recurring medical conditions that require urgent care. BestCare Now is here to help with immediate 7 day a week medical care for non-life threatening conditions.  As the temperature rises seasonal heat becomes one of these medical conditions.

BestCare Now has a seasoned team of experienced caregivers that are not just familiar with the seasonal symptoms you might experience but how to deliver the BEST care to you when you need it most. Most of our patients are in and out of our centers in 45 minutes or less and with the right medication and a good treatment plan we can minimize the impacts of the everyday seasonal ailments.

Immediate Care for Heat Related Illnesses

If you live in Georgia you know it gets hot in the summers but some of us forget the implications of the warm weather until we find ourselves unexpectedly dehydrated or sunburnt. When you begin feeling ill from a stomach bug, the sun or uncomfortable from your sunburn, BestCare Now is here to help.

Some of the services you will find at our BestCare Now urgent care clinic include:


While you are visiting our BestCare Now urgent care locations you can expect to be comfortable while you are receiving your fluids, emollient creams, or other treatment. We will be sure to provide a home treatment plan and the pharmaceuticals to help you continue to heal and recover.

You might not have known this but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) completed a 2007 study and found sunburn prevalence amongst adults was nearly 34%. Sunburns happen to all of us.

In 2010, the CDC went on to report that 70% of adults usually or always practice at least one key sun protecting behavior (sunscreen, sun protective clothing and or seeking shade) but only 60% for young adults. However, this doesn’t mean that protection is always applied and when we forget to continue being vigilant we can quickly get into trouble with the sun.