BestHealth Membership

Are you paying too much for healthcare? Become a BestHealth member and use BestCare Now Urgent Care for all your urgent care, primary care and wellness needs for a low monthly membership fee and only $15/visit! 

BestCare Now Urgent Care is pleased to offer individuals and families an affordable monthly health membership, BestHealth, which grants members unlimited access to our convenient urgent care centers.

A BestHealth membership is perfect for families or individuals that have high deductible health insurance plans and would like to lower their out of pocket health costs, as well as those who lack health insurance altogether.1  Today, many families never meet their deductible and end up paying full price for all health visits. So, by enrolling in our BestHealth Membership, you and your family will always be able to receive low cost basic medical visits at any of our clinics.  As a result, we can help you minimize your out of pocket medical costs.

BestHealth Membership Details
BestCare Now’s BestHealth Membership is ideal for patients who seek more affordable access to urgent and primary carethroughout the year.  Importantly, the plan offers many benefits, including low out of pocket monthly costs, extremely low co-pays ($15/visit), x-rays, and select on-site labs at no charge.

The first month payment and consult will be $149 and then you will have 11 monthly payments according to the monthly membership fee graphic below.  We will no longer be charging a registration fee.  Payments are made monthly via credit card. Late fee for a missed payment is $30.  After your initial payment of $149 and at the time of your first visit, you can choose to pay your full year and receive a 10% discount on your monthly payments.  If you pay 6 months in advance you will receive a 5% discount on your monthly payments.  Please see terms and conditions for full membership information.  A one year commitment is required. 

Health Membership includes:

  • Unlimited sick/urgent care visits (walk-in or appointment) for a low $15 co-pay/visit
  • X-Rays and EKGs provided on-site at no charge
  • Discounted lab tests (30-50% off standard retail lab pricing)
  • Many prescriptions available onsite with most being $10
  • Care from board-certified physicians


Membership Fees

One person $45/month
Two people $35/month/person
Three+ people $30/month/person
Four+ people (up to 6) $25/month/person

BH economic chart







Important terms and conditions include but are not limited to:

1. BestHealth is not a health insurance plan. 2. Pain management is excluded from the BestHealth Membership. Additionally, some conditions may need to be seen by specialists. 3. Does not qualify as an insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act. Contact your accountant for tax implications.

Interested in a BestHealth Membership?

Please call or email us for additional information:  at 470-485-0012 or


BestHealth FAQs:

Patients choose to sign up for BestHealth Membership in order to:
– Supplement a high deductible insurance plan with an affordable primary care option
– Gain access to healthcare without insurance
– Access primary care close to home or work
– Take advantage of evening/weekend appointment hours


A BestHealth plan can help you reduce out of pocket costs with a medium-deductible plan, or lower premiums considerably when combined with a high-deductible health plan.

– Children or individuals who are sick often
– Adults who lack a primary care physician
– Families that have high deductible health insurance plans
– Anyone who seeks an affordable and convenient health plan close to home

No. BestHealth Membership is not an insurance plan, but it offers patients direct access to affordable care.

Membership health services are available at all BestCare Now Urgent Care centers.

Yes. Memberships require a yearly contract and are automatically paid by credit card on the first of the month.  Initial payment is $149 and includes your consult.  11 subsequent payments are made and the cost depends on the number of family members signed up.  A 10% discount is available the day you sign up if you pay for the full year and applies to the 11 subsequent payments.  A 5% discount is available the day you sign up if you pay for 6 months and applies to the 11 subsequent payments.

You may enroll at any time. BestHealth is not a health insurance plan, so there are no enrollment restrictions.

Please call or email us for additional information:  at 470-485-0012 or

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