Pets Improve Human Health


April celebrates National Pet Day.  Did you share your love and celebrate with your furry friend?  After all, your pet may be improving your health and saving you money.


It may not be obvious but pets can play a major role in your health and how you feel.  Here are a few ways your pet might help you feel better.


  • Stress reliever. Does your pet greet you at the door when you come home?  They are always happy to see you and wagging their tail.  It is hard not to smile and forget about the stress of the day. Psychologically you just feel better.
  • Heart help. Most dogs even through their older years need a regular walk a day.  Exercise is important for them but just as important for you.  Exercise for you leads to lower blood pressure and thus improving heart health.   A 2013 study (Levine, et al, 2013) reported, that pet ownership, particularly dog ownership, may have some causal role in reducing cardiovascular disease risk.
  • Obesity prevention. Obesity is closely related to physical activity.  One study (Cutt, et al, 2008) found that 23% of dog owners walk their dog 5 or more times per week. Obesity in dog walkers was 17% vs 22% for non-owners.
  • Allergy avoidance. A 2011 study (Wegienka, et al, 2011) found that exposure to indoor dogs and cats in very early years reduces the risk of allergies at age 18.


Pets also can save you money.  A 2015 HABRI study found that pet ownership saves $11.7 Billion in healthcare costs.  How? They looked at 132.8 million pet owners in the US and found they visit the doctor .6 times less than the average non-pet owners.  At $139 office visit pet owners were responsible for saving $11.37 B in US healthcare costs.


Having a pet in your household can really improve your health and well-being and save you visits to the doctor.  At BestCare Now we encourage you to enjoy and love your pets.  They will bring a lifetime of happiness and enjoyment.


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