Occupational Medicine with BestCare Now

BestCare Now offers more than just urgent care!  BestCare Now is a one-stop shop for many other medically related employer services.  At BestCare Now we are working hard to keep your work force safe and on the job. BestCare Now occupational medicine services include:

  • Work-related Injuries
  • Urgent care
  • Physicals (including DOT)
  • Drug screening
  • Travel planning

adult experienced industrial worker during heavy industry machinery assembling on production line manufacturing workshop

At BestCare Now we can treat most non life threatening conditions and can offer solutions so your employees can get better quickly and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have a seasoned team of experienced caregivers that are board-certified and trained to deliver the BEST care when it is most needed.


Most BestCare Now patients are in and out of our centers in 45 minutes or less and with the right medication and a good treatment plan we help you get on your way.

BestCare Now is open 7 days a week with extended hours and you don’t need to make an appointment.  At BestCare Now we are working on your schedule, not ours.

BestCare Now is Your Trusted Partner to Keep Your Work force Safe and Healthy from Injuries

Work related injuries happen unexpectedly and bring with them physical complications for the employee.  In addition, there are also regulations and requirements for the employer.  Most importantly, having an established medical care process will help you and your work force reduce missed work days.  At BestCare Now we can help streamline this process and will work with you to keep costs low and get your employee back to work fast.

BestCare Now Sick Visits Require Urgent Care

At BestCare Now we also offer many urgent care services for your work force. While it is true that everyone gets sick, there is no reason to have your employees waiting it out or suffering through their illness.  Instead, have your employees use BestCare Now for things like flu, strep throat and other medical evaluations.  BestCare Now can help you protect your workforce.  See our complete list of urgent care services 

BestCare Now Physicals

BestCare Now recognizes that your employee mix is always changing.  Thus, for your new employees, at BestCare Now we offer several occupational medicine services including:

BestCare Now Drug Screening

At BestCare Now, we recognize it is a big decision to hire a new employee.  Therefore, effective risk-mitigation means administering a pre-employment drug test.  Most agree, drug testing is a very important component to making sure the overall employee health, safety and productivity exists across your entire workforce.  BestCare Now offers fast testing turnaround so you can get your new employee started working for you.

BestCare Now Prevention with Vaccines

At BestCare Now we agree, traveling is a big concern for employers and their employees. To be safe, employers like to have their work force take the proper travel vaccines. As a result of these vaccinations,  your workers are protected against germs and disease by making antibodies.  To note, some travel vaccines require multiple shots.  Therefore, at BestCare Now we recommend to plan your visit at least 6 weeks before your trip.  Wondering what you need?  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) publishes a list of shots needed by country.  Check out the CDC list here.

Please contact info@bestcarenowuc.com for more information about our Occupational Medicine services.