Finger Injuries? When to seek help.


Many of us have experienced the child with the finger injury from basketball or another sport.  Even more unlucky, it is often on the hand that they need to write with at school.  What do you do?  Is it broken or just bruised?  Do I go to the urgent care for an x-ray or just ice it at home?


Finger injuries are one of the most common traumatic injuries seen in an ER or Urgent Care. Fingers are made up of ligaments, tendons and three bones called phalanges.  Until one is broken or injured it is hard to imagine just how reliant we are on our healthy fingers.  After all, fingers allow us to touch, grasp and interact with everything around us.


So what are some of the critical signs it may be a break of some type?

  • Swelling and/or bruising on and around the injury and it may become stiff.
  • Your child is unable or unwilling to move the finger. However, some range of motion can be present.
  • Your child is complaining of pain or aching at the injured site.
  • You have tried icing it or resting your child and they are acting abnormal.
  • The shape of the finger seems abnormal or protruding.


If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms or you just need piece of mind, then a trip to the urgent care is in your future. What you can expect at your urgent care visit is the doctor will examine the finger and an x-ray will be taken.

broken-finger It is rare any surgical procedure will be needed but they will be able to stabilize the finger with a splint.  The physician will also address temporary pain control and have ice for the swelling.  Most heel in 4-6 weeks when the finger is protected and activity is minimized.  Yes, that may mean no sports practices until the finger heals.


At BestCare Now we have licensed physicians on staff and complete x-ray equipment to help diagnose and treat your child.  Our physicians are trained in casting to address larger breaks and if necessary will refer your child to one of our partner orthopedic specialists for a consultation.

Written by Chrystie Leonard, Managing Partner of BestCare Now Urgent Care